Orange County is a UK Partner for a number of world leading manufacturing companies in fuel and fluid transfer. Our applications engineers are able to give advice and pricing on their products so giving complete support to a client during specification, costing and installation/commissioning of a project.

Our manufacturers’ products complement each other in the markets of storage and movement of petroleum products, petrochemicals, waste water, gases, liquefied gases (LPG) and drinking water.

Engine Test Bay Fuel Transfer Pipework

Double walled pipes installed on tray-work in an Engine Testing Centre. Double walled flexible stainless steel pipework was run through a tortuous route to supply gasoline/ petrol and diesel to the header tanks and engine test bays. Installation of 360 metres of double walled pipe took 2 days.

Fuel Depot Storage Tanks

Small oil terminal fitted with fuel level gauges and overfill protection probes, data allows Driver Controlled Delivery 24 hours a day,  7 days a week. Both level and volume data are transmitted to the oil company headquarters automatically or on request.

Autogas LPG Vehicle Filling Pump

Filling LPG vehicles with a Regenerative Turbine pump, these pumps give super quiet operation and exceptional performance whilst providing long service life. The 1” RC25 pump will fill a vehicle tank at 60 litres per minute when running at a 6-bar differential pressure.

Double Walled Pipe

Flexible double walled stainless steel safety pipework being pulled into place in a 220 metre open trench. This pipe leaves the trench and rises up a building to the distribution system. Approximately 2.5 kilometres of pipe installed within a few hours.

Overfill Probes

Product terminal fitted with an overfill prevention system. The overfill system is fail safe and can be tested during operation. This system will help prevent spills into a major river course.

Leak Detection Units

Pressurised leak detection systems monitoring flexible stainless steel pipework at a car factory. The pipes carry gasoline/petrol, screen wash, diesel, refrigerants, engine and transmission oils through the factory roof space to charge the cars on the assembly lines.

Autogas Installation

Flexible buried stainless steel pipe carrying autogas/LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) to a dispenser on a garage forecourt. The pipe system is rated at 25 bar and design tested to be safe at 100+ bar.

Relief Valves

Tanks containing petrochemicals fitted with pressure and vacuum relief valves. These safety relief valves were constructed in high grade stainless steel but can also be supplied in more exotic materials for chemical applications.

Level Gauging

Magnetostrictive digital level/ temperature probe fitted to horizontal product tanks, these probes provide product and water level measurement to the highest accuracy. Using tank calibration tables and the temperature/ water contents from the probe, the system calculates volume, corrected volume and ullage volume (space available in the tank).

Training - Flexible Stainless Steel Pipe

Training course delivered to give an appreciation of working with Brugg pipesystems including ground installation, fitting end connectors, testing and commissioning of a flexible stainless steel safety pipe. Typical installations can be carried out within one day on a live site.

Rooftop Fuel Supply

Flexible stainless steel double walled pipes (stainless steel inner pipe with stainless steel outer pipe) are used to supply diesel fuel safely through high rise buildings. Emergency generator sets on the building roof are supplied with fuel from bulk diesel tanks in the basement. Pipework is permanently monitored for leakage using high pressure nitrogen leak detection systems.

Ebsray Pumps

An Ebsray liquid LPG pump-set manufactured on a special frame to replace an existing problematic pump, the frame allowed the pump to be installed without pipe modifications. The pump fills tankers more quickly and more quietly than conventional liquid gas pumps.

Pipework Being Pulled Through a Duct

Flexible double walled stainless steel pipe ready to be pulled from the drum, pipes can be seen coming through ducts in the concrete pad. Installing pipework like this minimises the chance of damage to the pipe by heavy ground workings, end connectors will be fitted to these pipes to suit the connecting equipment when it is places on the pad.

Level Gauges Installed on Buried Fuel Tanks

Level probes fitted to underground tanks on an ex-military site, this installation helped the site reconcile fuel volumes and confirm that tanks were tight and leak free.

Delivery Of 500m Double Walled Pipe

500 metres of DN40 (1½ inch) and DN50 (2 inch) flexible stainless steel safety pipe arriving on site ready for installation. The pipe drum is supported on jacks and pipework is pulled directly into the trench by two installers, installation is quick, simple and left fully tested.

Fuel Fill Pipework At Lifeboat Station

Flexible double walled stainless steel pipe running down a sea cliff to supply bulk tanks at the base of the cliff. Flexible pipe in a single length eliminated the need for welding on site and the need for joints in the sea atmosphere. Pipework was simply pulled from a drum and clipped in place along the steel structure.