LPG Pumps

Ebsray is acknowledged as one of the leaders in the world’s pump industry offering products of unparalleled quality, efficiency, innovation and reliability. Commencing business as a precision engineering company in the late 1920’s, in 1938 the company turned to pump design and manufacture. Since that time, the commitment to application, design, development, manufacture, and supply of specialist pumps has placed Ebsray as a leading brand in its field, predominantly serving process and industrial markets. We supply a wide range of liquid gas pumps for the fuel industry. 

Filling LPG vehicles with a Regenerative Turbine pump, these pumps give super quiet operation and exceptional performance whilst providing long service life. The 1” RC25 pump will fill a vehicle tank at 60 litres per minute when running at a 6-bar differential pressure.

Flexible buried stainless steel pipe carrying autogas/LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) to a dispenser on a garage forecourt. The pipe system is rated at 25 bar and design tested to be safe at 100+ bar.

An Ebsray liquid LPG pump-set manufactured on a special frame to replace an existing problematic pump, the frame allowed the pump to be installed without pipe modifications. The pump fills tankers more quickly and more quietly than conventional liquid gas pumps.